President Obama Health Reform Speech

President will seek common ground in weeks ahead. But won’t waste time if all opponents want to do is kill reform. Will call out those who misrepresent the proposal.


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  • Howard J. Eisenson, MD

    I thought the president’s speech was superb, and I especially approved his admonition that our legislators need to put their effort into crafting as good a proposal as possible, not into continued partisan bickering, or “kicking the can down the road” yet again. That goes for us medical professionals as well – We generally agree that change is badly needed – let’s continue to respectfully share our diverse perspectives, while working together, and as necessary compromising,to assure that we come up with something that serves the country better than what we have now – not flawless, but better, and soon. Our proactive leadership and our advocacy for carefully considered reform, is needed and will be appreciated. Thanks to NCMS for sponsoring this blog, and for Steve Keene for your contributions!