Advocacy Work Continues — Even When Legislators Are Out of Session

With the 2012 Short Session quickly approaching on May 16, legislators and staff are busy wrapping up interim study committee work, preparing bills for introduction or further action and developing the fiscal adjustments for the second year of the biennium budget. 

The budget is expected to be the primary focus for legislators when they return next month. Though they are awaiting the arrival of the Governor’s budget adjustment proposals, they have wasted no time in coming up with their own solutions.  Appropriation subcommittees have continued to meet throughout the interim to watch for trends, identify problem areas and develop possible solutions so that the short session can really be just that… short.

NC General Assembly leadership from both chambers are suggesting that this session will be out by the end of June. That gives us just six weeks to accomplish our goals of protecting Medicaid reimbursement and services, defending hard won medical liability reforms, protecting against half a dozen scope of practice threats and addressing needed legislation regarding insurance regulation.

The work that is being done now through lobbying activities, grassroots and legislative committee work will be foundational to our success. We encourage you to continue to host legislators for meetings in your offices so that they can understand your patients, your profession and your business better.  We encourage you to be active participants in the primary elections that are going on right now through May 8. Your vote is essential to guarantee that those legislators that support you return to office in 2013. Finally, we encourage you to give to your NCMS PAC so that we can continue provide fundamental resources to those physician friendly candidates seeking elected office.

The NCMS will keep its members informed during the session. Watch upcoming issues of the Bulletin and the NCMS website for the latest developments. Members are also encouraged to follow Chip Baggett, NCMS Director of Legislative Relations, on Twitter at @doclobbyist.


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