AMA Urges Members to Support Medicare Patient Empowerment Act

As the challenge for physicians to potentially limit the number of Medicare patients continues, the AMA Physicians’ Grassroots Network has been urging physicians to support the passage of H.R. 1700/S. 1042 – The Medicare Patient Empowerment Act. The Act would provide seniors with the ability to see any physician they choose and privately contract to access their Medicare benefit without having to pay the full, out-of-pocket cost for their care. This legislation will also allow physicians to enter into private contracts with some or all of their Medicare patients without having to formally “opt out” of the Medicare program for two years.

For those interested in supporting this piece of legislation, visit and sign the petition in support of private contracting and freedom of choice in Medicare. Letters can also be sent to your U.S. representatives and senators.

Both the AMA and the NCMS recognize the inadequacy of the Medicare fee schedule and hope that this contracting option will help create a solution to the issue.

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