Annual Meeting Update: More Speakers Added to the Session on Improving Care for Veterans

With the exposure of extended wait times for treatment and a shortage of medical professionals to provide care, a committed effort to improve the quality and accessibility of care to our veterans in now underway. The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) is sponsoring an educational session at the upcoming annual meeting with the goal of increasing awareness and expanding the knowledge base of our state’s physicians and physician assistants regarding veteran and active-duty military personnel’s medical needs and available treatments.  This includes examining conditions occurring at a higher rate in these populations, like post-traumatic stress disorder and effects of traumatic brain injury, as well as health care delivery issues, such as excessive wait times for needed care.  In addition to identifying areas of concern, this panel of speakers will focus on measures being taken to address these issues, including preventing any further barriers to care.

Confirmed speakers for this session include:

  • Debra Bolick, MD, Psychiatrist, Salisbury – W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center
  • Michael W. Brennan, MD (moderator) – Alamance Eye Center, Burlington, NC
  • Elizabeth Goolsby, Director, Fayetteville VA Medical Center
  • Brian P. Hayes, MD, MPH, MSS, Associate Chief of Staff, Ambulatory Care, Durham VA Medical Center
  • Ilario Pantano, Director of the NC Division of Veterans Affairs

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