Are You an Employed Physician? Check Out NCMS Programs Designed for You

The NCMS offers a range of services to help physicians employed by hospitals or other entities to protect themselves and make good career decisions. Visit the NCMS website for information on the following:

Employment Contract Review: The NCMS has partnered with Poyner Spruill, LLP to offer NCMS members substantial savings on expert review of employment contracts. This expert review service helps members avoid risks such as unfair non-compete clauses, unfavorable scheduling, and inadequate liability protection.

Model Medical Staff Bylaws: The Medical Staff bylaws, including the fair hearing plan, is the key agreement establishing the relationship between Physicians and the Hospital, and between the Medical Staff and its individual members. The Model Medical Staff Bylaws includes provisions that comply with the Joint Commission Medical Staff Standard MS.01.01.01 that went into effect on March 31, 2011.

Legal Analysis of Medical Staff Bylaws: Clear, comprehensive, well-balanced bylaws are important to the success of a hospital medical staff. How well do yours stack up? NCMS partner Poyner Spruill, LLP offers members analysis and comment on existing medical staff bylaws. Basic, Expanded, Full analysis arrangements are offered at discounted hourly rates, with optional services such as expedited review and presentation to the Medical Staff.

Discounts on legal fees: NCMS Members receive 20% off legal consultation with Poyner Spruill, LLP on all NC Medical Board and hospital medical staff issues.

Individual Consultation from PractEssentials: The NCMS PractEssentials staff is available to consult with physicians on various career decision points–whether a physician is considering an employment situation, entering private practice, compensation packages, and other employment-related issues.

Other Resources Available at NCMS Online include:

  • Additional information about MS .01.01.01
  • AMA Model Medical Staff Code of Conduct
  • Links to Joint Commission, CMS Conditions of Participation, NC Statutes referencing hospital privileges and responsibilities, and Power Point presentations on employment issues.

To access these member services, visit or call the NCMS Member Resource Center at (800) 722-1350.


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