Attention NC Licensed Ambulatory Surgical Facilities

Under NC law, licensed ambulatory surgical facilities are required to report patient data to the designated statewide data processor (Thomson Reuters).  The data is used for health planning.  NC Gen Stat § 131E-214.2. Data submission required, reads: 

 Except as prohibited by federal law or regulation, each hospital and freestanding ambulatory surgical facility shall submit patient data to a statewide data processor within 60 calendar days after the close of each calendar quarter for patients that were discharged or died during that quarter.

The reporting of patient data is not optional, and the Department of Health and Human Services may take adverse action against a freestanding ambulatory surgical center (NC Gen Stat § 131E-214.4(b)   Adverse action could include the withdrawal of the facility’s license. 

Questions about reporting should be directed to Ms. Jamey Motter, Client Manager with Thomson Reuters or to Jeff Horton, acting director, Division of Health Service Regulation, NC DHHS.  Ms. Motter’s contact information is:  phone: 919-787-7160; email:  [email protected].  Mr. Horton’s contact information is: phone: 919-855-3757; email: [email protected].


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