Bipartisan Vote in Senate Begins the Override Process on Med Mal Reform

Today the NC Senate took the first step in overriding the Governor’s veto of medical liability reform legislation, Senate Bill 33. To complete the process, the House will need to vote by 3/5 majority to override the veto. That vote is expected to occur during the last full week of this month. Today’s Senate vote was 35-12. The NCMS is working in a coalition of health and business interests to win the votes necessary in the House to complete the override.

“We are asking every physician in North Carolina to do their part to make medical liability reform a reality in our State,” said John R. Mangum, MD, president of the North Carolina Medical Society. Ask your State Representative to override the Governor’s veto by clicking here.


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  • W. Lee Fanning MD

    We need to push thru a vote to overide the veto- This will send a clear message that the suit happy philosophy that has dominated us for our entire careers needs to change, and that patients still have to right to be recompensed when there is true medical error which causes injury, but the hole in the bucket for pain and suffering needs to be plugged for good.