Blue Cross Blue Shield Launches “Let’s Talk Cost”

This Wednesday Blue Cross Blue Shield NC (BCBSNC) revealed its new campaign, “Let’s Talk Cost,” which encourages all health care stakeholders to stop “scapegoating” on the issue of  increasing health care costs and to start conversations with one another to find solutions.

Using humor in its television, print, and web marketing, BCBSNC hopes to stir discussions on the issue on their website,, with the goal of finding effective cost and quality improvements.  “If we’re going to achieve the goal of affordable health care, everyone – including BCBSNC – must take responsibility for finding solutions,” the company shares in a press release.

NCMS wants to know what your thoughts are on this new endeavor. Take a look at one of their commercials and share your opinion.


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  • Jamie Murray

    You wanna know whats increasing the cost of health care? How about come ride with me for a couple of shifts and see whats driving up health cost! People sneeze and call 911, they vomit and rush to the ED, and whats worse? It’s not the cost increase, it’s the ones who have insurance don’t even use it. The one’s who don’t have insurance, On Medicade, and so on abuse the health care system and everyone else is to pay! A lot of times I find my self not going to the doctor because I can’t afford the co-pay and I pay every month for insurance! When people can’t afford insurance the government gives them free insurance or if the person doesn’t pay their bill it passed to us. People don’t care about their credit so putting it on their credit is useless. Make people pay their bill and not pass it on to us the ones who bust our but to have insurance. Make people accountable for their cost!!! If they can party all night, sleep in all day, get tattoos and piercing, get drunk and high all the time then my god they can pay their bill! If they don’t pay the light bill what happens? No the light company doesn’t let them keep power and put the bill on their credit? IT’S SHUT OFF. If you are not school age then if you want treatment then pay the bill! 23 y/o person calls 911 for not feeling good? You have to transport them and they wanna go 3 hospitals away cause we have to carry them where they wanna go. As you are on the way to the hospital you find out they partied all weekend and is tired hasn’t ate much and drink way to much beer!!! Yep come ride with me and see what’s driving the cost up!!!

  • Joe w. Jones

    This is propaganda ment to hide the exorbitant salaries of the ceo”s. The doctors are also “gaming” the system. They give 6mo. Prescriptions instead of 1 year. Also they break down what should be included in an office visit in to “tests and other procedures”. The whole system is ” wired” and everyone is milking both Medicare, Blue Cross and the consumer!

  • Why not we talk about the cost of running a private medical Practice? It takes over half of the revenue to just keep doors opened so that people get quality Care by A MD/DO.
    How about BCBS start with reducing pay and benefits to all BCBS emplyoees at the level of 2001,The Same level BCBS pays most MD’s now anyway and Also reduce premiums too. This will save people few hundred millions a year for premiums, and reduce profit for BCBS without increasing payments to MD/DO and other Providers. Then We all sit down and Talk about THE REAL Cost. Also, Lets NOT forget about comparing Inflation rate, BCBS executive salaries, increased premiums for the Insured and Physician payments over last 10 years and find out WHERE that money is going?????

  • I’ve got an idea-Close BCBS, Aetna/UHC, etc and put the 35-40% savings in the pockets of the people paying premiums and receiving reimbursements.