Clarifying Physician Views about Health Care Reform Legislation

In last week’s Bulletin, we reported on the NCMS health system reform survey.  Unfortunately, the headline (“Survey: NC Physicians Favor Health Care System Reforms”) led some readers to think that NC doctors supported current health care reform legislation being considered by the US Senate and House. That is not the case.  While the survey found that 33.2% of respondents supported some provisions of both proposals, 47.8% did not support either the House or Senate reform plans.  Of those surveyed, 55.1% favored changes in the current health care system, and 40.9% believed that significant reform was needed.

The NCMS urges you to contact your U.S. Representative or Senators today and tell them why meaningful reform is needed for your patients and health care delivery. Be sure to check the Doctor to Doctor blog for new developments and visit the health reform section of the NCMS Web page.

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  • Thomas D. Bailey, MD

    We need real form. In my town various, sonemetimes nefarious forces are at work to deny patients access to the most cost effective and safest surgical care with artificial barriers to use. Conservatively, our ASC has saved patients and payers 75 to 100 million dollars in health care costs over the last 14 years but couldhave saved much more! It is very frustrating to see. My research has shown outpatient surgery to be 5 times more expensive in the hospital OPD versus the ASC if you have non-MC or MD insurance, 10 times more if you are “Private Pay” and at least 40 % more if you are under Medicare and/or Medicaid. That is only the savings from a single ASC! Just think, 5 surgeries for the price of 1! Again, this is due to artificial barriers to access!