CMS Offer Tips for an Effective Transition to ICD-10

CMS has provided the following examples for creating the most effective team to help medical practices make a smooth transition to ICD-10 coding implementation:

Project Managers can help coordinate and organize the necessary steps in moving toward ICD-10. Managers can take on the responsibility of establishing accountability and making business, policy, and technical decisions. It is always helpful to centralize collaboration when many entities are involved.

Other team members should be skilled in health information management and coding; billing and finance; compliance; revenue cycle management; as well as information system and technology.

Communication is key. Establish regular team meetings to address ICD-10 implementation progress and issues.

Complete ICD-10 assessments to help determine how the transition will impact the practice. This is a great budgeting and planning tool.

Involve stakeholders so that everyone is aware of and engaged in the ICD-10 transition.

Maintain a timeline so that the practice stays on task and successfully implements ICD-10.

For more ICD-10 updates, click here. Visit the NCMS website for training opportunities and the latest ICD-10 news.


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