Comment Period Underway for DEA E-Prescribing Rule

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued an interim final rule to regulate electronic prescribing of controlled substances. The 344-page ruleĀ  contains a request for comments. The effective date of the rule is sixty days from its March 31st publication in the Federal Register; however, the rule is subject to congressional review and the effective date may be adjusted.

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  • Steve Long MD

    Please explain to me how a hand written script is more secure that an eScript?

  • John G. Wagnitz, MD

    Will NCMS print a summary outlining the proposed changes?

  • As we move forward with full implementation of EHR and e-prescribing, if we cannot do controlled substances via secure, password protected, e-prescribing systems, then we should not be required to do e-prescribing at all. As a physician who has been on an EHR system for almost 4 years and-20doing e-prescribing for over one year, I cannot express how frustrating and time consuming it is to have to do written prescriptions for a large number of my presciptions, especially for patients getting multiple prescriptions, some controlled and most not. This is a situation that must be resolved for us to truly realize the full potential and possible savings in both cost and prevention of errors.

    Conrad L. Flick, MD