Deadline for NCMS Board Positions Fast Approaching

The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is seeking nominations from physician members for NCMS leadership positions that will become vacant in 2014. The deadline for receiving all nominations is July 1. If you are interested in serving in the following positions, please submit your nomination form to Michael P. Moulton, MD, Chair of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, NCMS, PO Box 27167, Raleigh, NC 27611-7167.  For a nomination form, please contact Linda Carter at 800-722-1350 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Board of Directors:


  • President-Elect (1-year term)
  • Secretary-Treasurer (3-year term) (incumbent eligible for re-election)
  • Speaker (3-year term) (incumbent eligible for re-election)
  • Vice-Speaker (3-year term) (incumbent eligible for re-election)

Region and At-Large Members (3-year term)

  • Region 3 Representative (1) (incumbent ineligible for re-election—position open)
  • Region 4 Representative (1) (incumbent eligible for re-election)
  • At-Large Member (1) (incumbent eligible for re-election)

Please submit your paperwork ASAP. Thank you!



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