Did you Know…Chip Baggett is at Work for you!

Chip Baggett Headshot 2011The NCMS began a “Did you Know?” campaign, starting with the distribution of postcards to members informing them about the many efforts of NCMS staff to make North Carolina a better place to practice medicine.

For example, Chip Baggett, NCMS Director of Legislative Relations, works tirelessly to protect the physician-patient relationship and the quality of medical care offered to patients while advocating on your behalf at the North Carolina General Assembly, as well as with other decision-makers. Chip often handles issues ranging from Medicaid funding, threats to scope of physician practice, and tort reform. Chip has one main focus and it is to address the interests of NCMS members while improving outcomes in the medical profession. For legislative updates and breaking news at the General Assembly, follow Chip on Twitter @doclobbyist.

To learn more about Chip and the rest of the legislative team’s efforts, visit the government affairs portion of the NCMS website. Look for future issues of the Bulletin to learn more about what NCMS staff is doing for you.


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