DOCMS Leadership Visits City of Medicine Academy in Durham

Howard Eisenson, MD, President of the Durham-Orange County Medical Society (DOCMS), and Richard W. Skinner, DOCMS Executive Director met with the staff of the City of Medicine Academy in Durham, NC on Thursday, October 8, 2009 to explore ways that the DOCMS can partner with their training program.

CMA Principal Elizabeth Shearer gave a history and overview of the City of Medicine Academy, which is a four year public high school program for highly motivated students who are ready to undertake serious academic work and health career-related internships. The CMA curriculum provides four-year career strands (academic and health sciences elective courses) for students pursuing health care careers after graduation. This program works intensively with high school students to prepare them for college and a future as a health care professional. Students are selected into the program as rising ninth grade students and must reside in the Duke AHEC area. Throughout the four years of high school, students participate in activities that expose them to a variety of health professions, learn basic health information and skills (e.g. CPR, first aid, screenings, etc.), shadow health professionals and participate in college preparation activities.

Partnerships with businesses, organizations, and community members are essential if CMA students are to interact with and learn from health professionals, and be exposed to a broad range of careers in health care. There were several opportunities discussed that the DOCMS members may be able to participate in and they include:  Mentoring, Job shadowing, providing guest speakers through their Speakers Bureau, Summer or Semester Internships or Tutoring.

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