DOI Disapproves Latest BCBSNC Provider Contract Addendum

Last week, the North Carolina Department of Insurance disapproved a proposed addendum from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina that was intended to bring all active provider agreements into alignment with new fair contracting laws passed by the General Assembly last year.  The DOI, after a careful application of the new law, identified and cited four deficiencies in the filing as grounds for disapproval.

The Life & Health Division of DOI is charged with reviewing new and amended contracts, rates, and forms that are proposed by insurance companies.  Only after DOI approves them may they be used.  Disapprovals are commonplace and do not directly impact you.  So as participating network physicians with BCBSNC, this most recent disapproval does not affect the terms of your contract.  However, if BCBSNC receives approval from DOI on a future addendum, the new addendum will be distributed to you and modify your agreement with them on the effective date.

As of today, BCBSNC has not filed a revised addendum with DOI.

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