Don’t Miss Out on the $350 Million UnitedHealth Settlement

A lawsuit led by the American Medical Association (AMA) against UnitedHealth Group has yielded a settlement agreement and $350 million to help compensate physicians and patients for artificially low payments for out-of-network services provided over the past 15 years.  The case was originally brought to expose a price-fixing scheme used by United to underpay physicians and patients. 

The AMA has developed and released several online resources to assist physicians and practices with determining eligibility, compiling documentation, and filing claims under the settlement.  You can learn more about the case and access those settlement resources at  The “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Step-by-step Guide” are especially informative.

This is an important opportunity for you and your practice to recover payments for services that you provided to patients covered by a health plan insured or administered by UHC between March 15, 1994 and November 18, 2009.  After reviewing the AMA’s materials on the settlement, you can contact the AMA or the North Carolina Medical Society with any questions you may have.

Claim forms need to be completed and submitted by October 5, 2010 and getting your copy of the defendant’s report may take a number of weeks.   Request your copy of the report from the Settlement Claims Administrator at


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