Don’t Miss the Lean Healthcare Presentation at NCMS Annual Meeting

The pressures on medical practice to increase productivity, increase safety, improve quality and reduce costs require strategies that can combine these goals into one plan of action.  Lean Healthcare is a comprehensive, time-tested, effective approach for achieving that success in both manufacturing where it began and in healthcare organizations where it has been applied. Lean is not a goal in and of itself.  It is a way of behaving, analyzing and thinking that drives an organization toward its greater goals, whether that is attainment of Patient Centered Medical Home designation, development of a successful Accountable Care Organization (ACO), accreditation or basic financial viability. Presented by Marianne Jackson, MD, this transformative session will outline the fundamental philosophy and tools of Lean in healthcare and provide concrete examples of results. NCMS members and the medical community at large are invited to learn about Lean Healthcare principles at the General Session “The Future of Medicine” on Saturday, October 23, from 2:00-3:30 pm at the NCMS Annual Meeting in Winston-Salem, NC. Register today!


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