Dr. Engel, how will Medicaid and Medicare change?

Medicaid will be based on income not eligibility. In 2014, if you make less than 150% of the FPL you will qualify for Medicaid.  The state implements the Medicaid plan but it is heavily federally subsidized and matched 3 to 1. Medicaid will be fully matched for these newly eligible enrollees in 2014.

600-750,000 new enrollees in NC if implemented according to schedule which will be a big challenge to state Medicaid offices. NC has unique system now in CCNC where care is managed in 14 regional offices which should help with implementation.

Medicare is 100% federally funded and will remain so –  caring for the disabled and  the elderly. Part A and B will see very little changes. Premiums should remain pretty constant. The poor elderly who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid will also maintain coverage. The doughnut hole for prescription drugs is being fixed and millions of seniors have already received their $250 check this year.


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