Dr. Israel, NCMS Calendar Cover Photographer, Claims His Prize

Dr. Israel poses before his winning image, framed and displayed at his practice.

Dr. Israel poses before his winning image, framed and displayed at his practice.

NCMS staff members ventured to Wake Internal Medicine Consultants in Raleigh to present first-time Photo Contest participant Rodger Israel, MD, with his winnings. His striking landscape photograph, “Old Faithful Star Trails,”  took the grand prize in this year’s contest and is now featured on the cover of the 2016 NCMS Member Calendar.

Dr. Israel’s work is not only displayed on the calendar cover but also featured on the walls of his practice, where many of his photographs are exhibited. A lover of wildlife and landscape photography, Dr. Israel now travels the world seeking new images to add to his growing collection, with many of his stunning works achieved after long hours spent setting up the perfect shot. As he shares, “Landscape photography is all about getting up early, staying out late and patience.” Patience indeed paid off in the case of his winning NCMS Photo Contest picture; its unique effect of the swirl of stars was achieved through a one-hour exposure while his camera was aimed at the North Star.

2016-calendar-coverCongratulations to Dr. Israel on his win! We look forward to seeing what he and all of our other talented photographers submit in next year’s contest.

Want a copy of your own 2016 calendar? All NCMS membership online renewals will automatically receive a copy, as will all NCMS Life members. Look for it in your mailbox soon!


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  • Lynwood B. Cheatham

    I have always liked Dr. Israel’s photography. He is really dedicated in spending time to get the best possible exposure. The current prize winner tops them all.

    Great job

  • Pat Schmitzer

    I have the pleasure of being one of Dr. Israel’s patients. I love going to his office and seeing his photos. He really is great at it. Makes the doctor visit very pleasant also! Thanks, Dr. Israel!