E-prescribe before June 30 to Avoid Payment Penalty

For those eligible professionals who have yet to become successful electronic prescribers, the following payment adjustment penalties to those professionals’ Medicare Part B Physician Fee Schedule will take place:

  • Calendar Year 2012 will have a one percent downward payment adjustment
  • Calendar Year 2013 will have a 1.5 percent downward payment adjustment
  • Calendar Year 2014 will have a two percent downward payment adjustment

To avoid the 2013 e-prescribing (eRx) payment adjustment, individual eligible professionals can meet the reporting requirement of 10 eRx submissions via claims between January 1, 2012 and June 30, 2012. CMS may exempt professionals from the 2013 eRx payment adjustment if eRx results in significant hardship. Click here to submit a hardship exemption request.


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  • Kristin Freeman

    Practices should continue using G codes in order to have scripts counted so that they do not receive a penalty for 2013.

    Terri Gonzalez, NCMS Director of Practice Improvement, can assist those practices who need help with e-prescribing. Terri can be reached at 800-722-1350 or [email protected].

  • Sharon M. Carter, MPH

    If you have attested with Medicare that your office is 85% eprescribe and you have received your first incentive payment, are you okay with this reporting requirement, or do you still have to use the G code in 2012 to indicate that you are using e prescribe?

    Sherry Carter