Eastern Radiologists Promotes Healthier Living through Education and Lifestyle Changes

eastern-radioEastern Radiologists has embraced the concept of promoting wellness and has made an overall commitment to encouraging and supporting initiatives which result in healthier behaviors and overall improvement in the health of all employees.

The company’s corporate wellness program began three years ago with encouraging and rewarding employees who completed an annual physical. The program then moved forward with Eastern Radiologists initiative by encouraging cessation of smoking by implementing a campus-wide “smoke-free” policy while providing support for those employees who sought to stop smoking. The company provided informational meetings and educational tools to help employees educate themselves about making healthier lifestyle choices.

Most recently, Eastern Radiologists implemented a “Health Coaching” program for all employees and have enlisted the help of an outside company specializing in providing this type of service. They provide on-site support, coaching and education to employees relative to their own individual health assessments. The main focus and goal of this program is to promote healthier living through education and lifestyle changes utilizing one on one coaching to raise awareness among employees as it relates to the management of increased risk factors and chronic disease.

Building an effective and successful health promotion strategy requires support.  The NCMS Employee Benefit Plan (NCMS Plan) helps participating practices launch sustainable health promotion programs. Practices may be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Practice Wellness Grant Program.  The NCMS Plan is available through MMIC Agency, LLC and provides North Carolina physicians with a value-added employee benefit plan that is straightforward and specifically customized to meet your practice and employees’ needs. For more information, call (800) 822-6561 or visit www.ncmsplan.com.


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