General Assembly Considers Changes To NC Medical Board Law

medbrdHouse Bill 543, Amend Laws Pertaining to NC Medical Board, was reviewed today by the House Health Committee. This bill is similar to one introduced last year at the General Assembly and is the result of a year’s work to reach a broad agreement within organized medicine on the content of the proposed amendments.

Among the proposed changes:

  • The bill would modernize the Physicians Health Program (PHP) enabling statute and increase due process by providing a summary of PHP’s assessments and basis for any recommendations to participants as recommended by the State Auditor.
  • It would increase annual physician licensing and renewal fees from $175 to $250. The last fee increase was nine years ago. The increase is needed to ensure the Board’s continued effectiveness and to increase funding for the PHP as recommended by the State Auditor.
  • The bill also would offer further transparency and protections for physicians in their contacts with the Medical Board. For instance, it would permit the Medical Board to share information with its licensees via email. Other provisions state that the Board could not refuse to renew a license held by a current licensee simply because the applicant is not board certified by a medical specialty certifying body.

Review all the provision of the bill here.


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