Haiti Relief Update

WRAL-TV anchor-reporter David Crabtree of Raleigh spent the week in Haiti covering the work done by a group of physicians from Sampson County. You can read his blog and view videos at: http://www.wral.com/news/national_world/world/haiti/blogpost/7118232/.

Pediatrician William C. Carr, MD, and Family Physician Lawrence J. Watts, MD, served in the medical mission organized by Global Medical Outreach of Sampson County. Dr. Carr is the son of NCMS Past President and AMA Delegation Past Chair, Henry J. Carr, MD.  Dr. Watts is a former participant in the Community Practitioner Program. Both physicians were interviewed and included in video reports that aired on WRAL-TV.  View the reports at: http://www.wral.com/news/national_world/world/haiti/video/7090741/ and


Pediatrician Donald B. Winters, MD, of Thomasville, will be traveling to Haiti on Sunday to join workers with the AMURT-Haiti program. He will be working with the AMURT Integrated Health and Education Centers, which were set up to give children a safe place to continue their education while the earthquake-damaged infrastructure is rebuilt. Dr. Winters says he also will be visiting rural clinics during his nearly two-week stay in Haiti.

Family Physician Steven Landau, MD, of Smithfield, is assisting and recruiting physicians and other health care professionals to work with AMURT in Haiti. He can be reached at [email protected] or 919-284-4149.


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