Have You Asked Congress to Fix Medicare?

Thousands of names continue to be added to the “Stop the Medicare Meltdown” petition campaign, led by the Texas Medical Association (TMA).  All state medical societies, including the NCMS, are urging physicians to talk with their patients, patient family members, staff and others and urge them to sign the petition  that calls for Congress to fix the sustainable growth rate (SGR) Medicare physician payment formula. Adding more signatures will add to the impact the petition will have when it is presented to Congress in June.

To date, Congress has only delayed cuts without addressing the recurring problems created by the SGR. As the delays continue, the cuts have grown deeper, prompting physicians to opt out of the Medicare Program or limit the number of Medicare patients they see. The petition is expected to be presented to Congress in June.

Download a flyer  (PDF) that can be posted in your practice and given to patients.


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