Health System Reform and You

Summer of Health System Reform
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

President Obama urged Congress to pass health system reform legislation by July 31, 2009. The clock is ticking and it is imperative for physicians to understand and speak out on issues related to health system reform by contacting their U.S. Representatives and Senators.

The North Carolina Medical Society Board of Directors has adopted a listing of guiding principles for health system reform (PDF), and physicians are urged to read these principles and use them to establish dialogue on the NCMS Doctor-to-Doctor Blog, and through conversations with elected officials in Washington D.C, and with their patients. These principles will be posted on our Web page by the end of the week.

Today we invite you to begin visiting daily the Doctor-to-Doctor Blog and the NCMS Health System Reform Center, where you find documents, commentary and other information about health system reform. We welcome your comments and urge you to contact your legislators, colleagues and patients and tell them that we need comprehensive health system reform that provides quality, affordable care for all.

For the latest developments on health system reform activities in Washington, please visit:

Visit the NCMS Health System Reform Center for more information…


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