HHS Issues EHR Incentive Program Stage 2 Final Rule

Yesterday, August 23, 2012, Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the final rule for Stage 2 of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program. Stage 2 increases health information exchange between health care professionals and encourages care centered on increased patient engagement through secure online access to health information. To read the announcement, click here.

The final rule states that Stage 2 will begin as early as 2014. It outlines the criteria for EHR technology to ensure that health care professionals may qualify for the incentive payments while modifying the certification program to make the process more efficient. The “2011 Edition Certified EHR Technology” may be used until 2014.  

In the announcement, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius states that the changes incorporated in Stage 2 will “lead to more coordination of patient care, reduced medical errors, elimination of duplicate screenings and tests, and greater patient engagement in [their own] care.” The third stage in the EHR incentive program is to improve health care outcomes by continuing to expand Meaningful Use objectives. Click here for more information on the Stage 2 final rule.

Physicians and their practices that need assistance meeting Meaningful Use may contact Terri Gonzalez, NCMS Director of Practice Improvement, at [email protected] or 919-833-3836.

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