HOD Actions Cover Many Issues

The NCMS House of Delegates considered and acted on several Reports and Resolutions during the 2009 Annual Meeting, Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, in Raleigh.  A summary of all actions will be made available on the NCMS website by December. Following are highlights of some key items:

Report G – Mental Health System Reform Principles—New Freedom Commission report was adopted by the HOD as NCMS policy in support of five principles in mental health system reform efforts:

  • Focus on the desired outcomes of mental health care
  • Focus on effective community-level models of care
  • Focus on policies that maximize utility of existing resources and increase cost-effectiveness
  • Consider how mental health research findings can be used to effectively influence delivery of services
  • Follow the principles of Federalism and ensure that recommendations promote innovation, flexibility, and accountability at all levels of government and respect the constitutional role of the States and Indian tribes

Resolution 1 – Direct to Consumer Marketing of Health Screenings and Testing, was referred for study. The NCMS will study procedures and exams being marketed directly to consumers and make policy recommendations to the Board of Directors prior to the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Resolution 4 – Picture ID Requirement for Controlled Substances for Prescription, a substitute Resolution was referred for action. The NCMS will study a proposal to require photo ID at the time of procurement of controlled substance prescriptions and make recommendations to the Board of Directors prior to the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Resolution 12 – Supporting Better Organized and More Efficient Charity Care, was referred for action to the Board of Directors. The Board will determine how the NCMS will seek tax credits and/or other state and federal tax relief for physicians who donate their services through organized systems of charity care.

Resolution 15 – Emergency Department Overcrowding was adopted as amended and creates policy that the NCMS supports:

  • Hospitals developing institution wide solutions to alleviate Emergency Department crowding
  • Development of hospital policies regarding the coordination of the scheduling of elective admissions and procedures with respect to volumes of admitted patients in the Emergency Department

A third Resolve calls for the NCMS to work with organizations such as the North Carolina Hospital Association to develop policies to solve hospital and Emergency Department crowding.

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