HOD Hears Report on Medicaid Budget Cuts and Acts on Reports and Resolutions

The NCMS House of Delegates considered ten Reports (A-I) and 20 Resolutions during the 2009 NCMS Annual Meeting in Raleigh last weekend.  A summary of HOD actions will appear in next week’s Bulletin and on the NCMS Web page, https://www.compassionatecarenc.org. Keynote speaker Lanier Cansler, Secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), addressed the HOD on Sunday. Cansler focused on budget cuts mandated by the legislature and noted that DHHS and the Department of Public Instruction represented the largest share of the state budget. He said that his department continues to work with the NCMS and others to minimize the impact of budget cuts and to ensure that critical programs remain operational and least affected by current economic conditions.  On Saturday, State Health Director Jeffrey Engel, MD, presented his annual report, thanking the NCMS for its support in helping to address the response to the H1N1 virus and other public health concerns.

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