House Bill Filing Deadline Passes

While not unexpected, the last twenty-four hours before the House bill filing deadline was a flurry of activity.  Nearly 300 bills were filed on the Thursday along with many more in the proceeding days.  The Senate deadline is next Tuesday.  NCMS continues to closely monitor the introduction of bills.  Here are a sample of the bills that we have started tracking this week.

HB 578 – Health Care Sharing Organizations, Murry (R-Wake)

HB 584 – Governor’s Budget, Gillespie (R-McDowell)

HB 606 – Sheriff/Inspect Prescription Drug Records, McElraft (R-Carteret)

HB 618 – Streamline Oversight/DHHS Service Providers, Lewis (R-Harnett)

HB 619 – Update/Modernize Physical Therapy, Howard (R – Davie)

HB 639 – Clinical Exercise Physiologist Licensure, M. Alexander (D – Mecklenburg)

HB 666 – Facilitate Locum Tenens Physicians, Hollo (R – Alexander)

HB 683 – Born Alive Infant Protection Act, Blust (R – Guilford)

HB 726 – Mandate Use of Controlled Substance Reporting System, Rapp (D – Madison)

HB 732 – Tort Reform Act of 2011, Blust (R – Guilford)

HB 753 – Establish Radiologic Technicians Licensure, Insko (D – Orange)

HB 809 – Model Healthcare-Associated Infections Law, Burr (R – Stanly)

HB 812 – Hospital Authority Territorial Jurisdiction, Torbett (R – Gaston)

HB 826 – Coverage for Treatment of Autism Disorders, Parfitt (D – Cumberland)

HB 847 – Naturopathic Doctors Licensing Act, Barnhart (R-Cabarrus)

HB 854 – Abortion-Woman’s Right to Know Act, Samuelson (R-Mecklenburg)

SB 496 – PPACA/Required Fraud and Abuse Provision, Pate (R – Wayne)

SB 500 – Governor’s Budget, Brunstetter (R-Forsyth)

SB 517 – Freedom to Negotiate Health Care Rates, Apodaca (R – Henderson)

SB 525 – Streamline Oversight/DHHS Service Providers, Tucker (R – Union)

After the Senate deadline passes next week, NCMS will provide you with a priority list of bills for the 2011 Session.  Look for that article in next week’s Bulletin.


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