House Select Committee Studies Certificate of Need Law

The House Select Committee on Certificate of Need Process and Related Hospital Issues met on Wednesday, September 14 to hear an overview of the Certificate of Need program in North Carolina. The formation of the committee and Wednesday’s discussion were brought about by controversy surrounding 1) the proliferation of freestanding emergency rooms and 2) the development of regulated services by academic medical center teaching hospitals using an exemption in the State Medical Facilities Plan (SMFP). The NCMS legislative staff is closely following this issue and the Committee, which will meet again later this Fall, at which time it is expected they will discuss these specific issues and other significant aspects of the CON program.


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  • the con laws came when there was a cost plus format . eliminate them and let the market play it’s roll. understand the economics. almost no con laws west of the mississippi

  • Robert Appel, MD

    The CON laws are regressive, outmoded and constitute a restraint of trade that wouldn’t be tolerated in any other industry. It’s time to relegate these laws to the ash heap of history.