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Most Doctors Still Waiting On Medicaid Pay Raise, 5-14-13, Kaiser Health News

Phil Galewitz reports five months after primary care doctors who treat Medicaid patients were supposed get a big pay raise, most physicians have yet to see it.

Senate Confirms Tavenner to Head CMS, 5-15-13, Kaiser Health News

Mary Agnes Carey talks with Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico Pro about the Senate’s confirmation Wednesday of Marilyn Tavenner to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the challenges she will face.

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners Perceive Differing Primary Care Roles, 5-16-13, Journal Watch  

Joe Elia reports when asked about their respective roles in primary care, physicians and nurse practitioners seem to “inhabit different universes, at least perceptually,” according to an editorial on a New England Journal of Medicine study.

Some Could Have Gaps in Medical Coverage under New Law, 5-20-13, LA Times

Anna Gorman reports when the national healthcare law takes full effect next year, millions of Americans risk disrupted health coverage because of common life events: getting married or divorced, having children or taking on a second job.

Institute of Medicine Study Overstates Number of Uninsured Due to Medicaid Rejection, 5-20-13, Carolina Journal  

Dan Way reports critics of the state’s decision to shun Medicaid expansion have maintained that a study by the North Carolina Institute of Medicine concludes that 500,000 people would be left uninsured as a result.

Survey: Even In Southern States, Medicaid Expansion Is Popular, 5-21-13, Kaiser Health News  

Karl Eisenhower reports according to a survey by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, almost two-thirds of adults in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina support the expansion of Medicaid despite the law’s unpopularity in those states.

Incentives Push Doctors to Electronic Medical Records, 5-22-13, USA Today

Kelly Kennedy reports more than half of doctors’ offices and 80% of hospitals that provide Medicare or Medicaid will have electronic health records by the end of the year, the Department of Health and Human Services announced last week.

Prevention in Health Care: Reforming the Debate, 5-23-13, Huffington Post  

Stephen A. Brunton, M.D., FAAFP reports as the roll-out next year of the Affordable Care Act finally draws near the debate has shifted from the philosophical, moral and political implications of “Obamacare,” to a much more practical focus; how (if?) the implementation of reform will actually work, and how (if?) we will pay for it.


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