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Hospitals Are Mining Patients Credit Card Data To Predict Who Will Get Sick, BusinessWeek, 7-3-14

Governor, DHHS Secretary Confer with Wilmington Health, Wilmington, 7-3-14

FSMB Plan Offers Pathway to Multistate License, MedPage Today, 7-3-14

Progress Report on ACA Finds More Covered But Warns on Costs of Care, NEJM Journal Watch, 7-3-14

New Reform Related Jobs Require Unprecedented Skills, ModernHealthCare, 7-2-14

Medical Sleuths Seek Patients with Mystery Diseases; Offer New Tools, The Los Angeles Times, 7-2-14

US Health Care: Still Pricey, But Getting Better, MedPage Today, 7-2-14

High Opioid Prescribing Rates and How Florida Could Be A Model, NEJM Journal Watch, 7-2-14

Hobby Lobby Decision May Not Be Last Word On Birth Control Coverage, Kaiser Health News, 6-30-14

Editorial: Fee-for-Service Thwarts Value-based Care’s Intention, ModernHealthCare, 6-28-14

Third Health Insurer to Enter NC Exchange for 2015, Raleigh News & Observer, 6-27-14

Is That Hospice Safe? Infrequent Inspections Means It May Be Impossible to Know, The Washington Post, 6-27-14

Health Care System Needs to Prepare for Global Warming, Kaiser Health News, 6-26-14

Cost of Not Caring; Stigma Set in Stone, USA Today, 6-26-14

Rural Hospitals Speeding Up Psychiatric Evaluations, USA Today, 6-26-14


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