In the News

Use of Experimental Ebola Drug Raises Red Flags Among Medical Experts, The Los Angeles Times, 8-5-14

Controversial Medicare Recovery Audits Make Limited Return, ModernHealthCare, 8-5-14

California Asks: Should Doctors Take Drug Tests?, The New York Times, 8-1-14

The Drawn Out Medical Degree, The New York Times, 8-1-14

Going Professional: The Ins and Outs, The New York Times, 8-1-14

Congress Sends VA Overhaul to White House, The Washington Post, 7-31-14

Bundled Payment Initiative Attracts Providers, But Will They Sign?, ModernHealthCare, 7-31-14

States Consider Measure to Expedite Multistate Medical LiscenureNEJM Journal Watch, 7-30-14

Panel Recommends Sweeping Changes to Doctor TrainingKaiser Health News, 7-29-14

The US Spends $15 Billion a Year to Train Doctors, But We Don’t Know What We Get in ReturnThe Washington Post Wonkblog, 7-29-14

A Better Way to Help Dying Patients, The New York Times, 4-10-14



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