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State lawmakers consider malpractice overhaul bill, 2-8-11, NC News Network

Reporters Josh Ellis and David Horn summarize current activity in the General Assembly to achieve medical tort reform.

Conservative voice opposes medical malpractice bill, 2-10-11, The News & Observer (Under the Dome column)

Former NC Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr. comments on the constitutionality of limiting medical malpractice awards, which is among the provisions of Senate Bill 33 Medical Liability Reforms.

Around the States, Civil Justice Reform to Improve Business Climate, 2-1-11, Texans for Lawsuit Reform (

A blog provided by a Texas-based tort reform group puts into perspective state legislative efforts around the country on civil justice reform.

Malpractice Bills Raises Issues about a Lawsuit, 2-8-11, New York Times

Reporter Barry Meier examines a retired obstetrician and Congressman’s sponsorship of a bill that seeks to limit awards in malpractice cases.

Health Law Provision Raises Antitrust Concerns, 2-9-11, New York Times

While the new federal health care law promotes collaboration between doctors and hospitals to control costs, reporter Robert Pear writes about when such collaboration might run afoul of antitrust laws.

House GOP looks at tough health insurance realities, 2-9-11, Politico

Writer Marin Cogan reports how some new members of the US House are rethinking health care reform after experiencing first-hand higher premiums for health insurance.

BCBS starts “wide open” forum, 2-8-11, The News & Observer

Reporter Alan Wolf writes about a new initiative by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina that involves the use of social media to gather consumer opinion on health-related matters.

Aetna reassures pregnant women, 2-8-11, The News & Observer

In a follow-up to a report about the impasse in contract talks between Aetna and UNC Health Care (8,000 patients left in lurch, 2-5-11), the insurance carrier seeks to reassure pregnant women they will be covered.


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