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Deep Medicaid cuts suddenly on the table in NC, 8-5-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer Lynn Bonner reports that the state Medicaid program may face deeper cuts than what was expected just a month ago.

New N.C. malpractice law to cap certain damages, 8-4-11, Wilmington Star-News

Writer Erin Zureick Dunn reports on the expected impact from the medical malpractice reform bill that went into law in July.

Debt ceiling deal ignores real driver of deficits: healthcare costs, 8-2-11, Los Angeles Times

Columnist Michael Hiltzik comments on how the debt ceiling deal ignores health care costs.

Medicare drug plan premiums to dip in ’12, 8-5-11, The News and Observer/Tribune Papers

Writer Noam N. Levey reports that Medicare beneficiaries may see a drop in the average price of a Part D drug plan in 2012.

Medicare, Medicaid tab keeps growing, 8-3-11, USA Today/Associated Press

AP writer Matt Rourke reports that the costs of Medicare and Medicaid rose 10% in the second quarter from a year ago.

Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid recipients, including families with children, will lose under debt deal, 8-2-11, The Washington Times

Writer Jeneba Ghatt examines the cuts made to three major federal programs under the debt limit bill signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday.

Hospital-Based Doctors Behind Surge in Medicare Spending Study Finds, 8-2-11, Fox News

This report highlights a study funded by the National Institute on Aging and National Cancer Institute and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Will ACOs create a revolution in American healthcare?, 8-3-11, The Miami Herald

Writer John Dorschner examines the emerging role of accountable care organizations (ACOs) in the new health care environment.

BCBS considers pharmacy plan change, 8-4-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer John Murawski reports that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC (BCBSNC) is considering a change in pharmacy services vendors that could lead to lower drug costs for members.

Boys encouraged to get HPV vaccine, 8-3-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer Regina Wang examines why public health professionals are now encouraging boys to be vaccinated against HPV.

NCSU gets federal grant to study food poisoning, 8-3-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer Helen Chappell reports on how the NC State University-based Food Virology Collaborative will assist in a national food safety project.

AP Enterprise: Tiny town tops in medical marijuana, 8-3-11, Wilmington Star-News/Associated Press

AP writer Jeff Barnard explains how a tiny town in Oregon has grown to become the top produced of medical marijuana in the country.

Duke opens orthopaedic clinic, part of bigger building boom, 7-26-11,

Staff writer Alan M. Wolf reports on the opening of the new Duke University Health System orthopaedic center near Research Triangle Park.


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