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New NC malpractice, hunting rules take effect, 9-29-11, The Houston Chronicle/Associated Press

NC Associated Press writer Gary Robertson includes a comment from NCMS EVP, CEO Robert W. Seligson in a story highlighting new laws that will take effect in North Carolina on October 1, including SB-33 Medical Liability Reforms.

Blue Cross backs digital records, 9-29-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer John Murawski reports on Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina’s offer to help eligible independent physician practices and eligible free clinics obtain costly electronic health record software.

Health law ruling sought, 9-29-11, The News and Observer/Tribune Newspapers

Tribune Newspapers writer David G. Savage updates the status of a legal challenge to the federal health care reform law.

Hospital drug shortages deadly, costly, 9-27-11, WRAL-TV/Associated Press

AP business writer Linda A. Johnson reports on a severe shortage of drugs for chemotherapy, infections and other serious ailments.

Health Insurers Push Premiums Sharply Higher, 9-28-11, The New York Times

Writers Reed Abelson and Nina Bernstein examine rising health care insurance premiums, updating a story originally prepared by Abelson a day earlier (see Health Insurance Costs Rising Sharply This Year, Study Shows, below).

Health insurance costs jump for workers, 9-28-11, The News and Observer/Los Angeles Times

LA Times writer Duke Helfand examines the rise in health care insurance in this year.

Health Insurance Costs Rising Sharply This Year, Study Shows, 9-27-11, The New York Times

Writer Reed Abelson offers his perspective on the Kaiser Family Foundation study of health care costs for Americans.

One doctor’s jobs, 9-26-11, The News and Observer

A letter to the editor by Raleigh physician Kerry Hunt, MD, who explains how a physician practice creates jobs, challenging a column that appeared in the newspaper on 9-22-11 (see Portrait of a job creator, ‘Corp.’ me, by Dana Milbank, Washington Post)

Fraudulent Argument on Health Reform, 9-28-11, Carolina Journal Online

Commentary by John Hood, with the John Locke Foundation, examines the Obama Administration’s approach to health care reform and its impact on private markets.

Barry Smith: PACs contribute heavily to state campaign coffers, 9-24-11, New Bern Sun Journal

Columnist Barry Smith reports on PAC contributions during the 2010 election cycle.

PACs gave big in ’10 election, 9-25-11, Charlotte Observer (also published in The News and Observer, 9-24-11)

Writer John Frank reports on contributions by NC PACs in the 2010 election cycle.

Paul Wiles, head of Novant Health, announces retirement, 9-26-11, The Business Journal of the Greater Triad

Writer Owen Covington reports on the pending retirement of Paul Wiles, head of Novant Health, based in Winston-Salem.

Duke takes flu vaccine to workers, 9-28-11, The News and Observer

Staff writer Jay Price examines how Duke University Health System is approaching flu shots for its employees.


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