In the News This Week…

Electronic Records May Increase Malpractice Lawsuit Risk, 10-25-11, InformationWeek

Writer Neil Versel reports that the rapid movement toward electronic health records (EHRs) could raise the risk for malpractice lawsuits.

Different takes on NC Medicaid shortfall argued, 10-28-11, Hendersonville Times-News/Associated Press

AP writer Gary Robertson examines how legislators and the Governor are viewing an expected $130 million shortfall in the Medicaid budget in the coming year.

Two health insurers dominate N.C. , 10-26-11, The Business Journal

Writer Amy Dominello Braun reports that two health insurers cover more than 80 percent of the commercial health insurance policies in North Carolina, making it one of the least competitive commercial health insurance markets in the country.

Long-Term Care Costs Rise at Faster Pace, MetLife Says, 10-26-11, Bloomberg Businessweek

Writer Maryellen Tighe reports that long-term health care costs are increasing at a steeper rate in a weak economy.

Judge halts part of state’s abortion law, 10-26-11, The News and Observer

Staff Writer Craig Jarvis reports that a federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction to block a controversial part of The Woman’s Right to Know Act, which went into effect on October 26.

N.C. doctors: Prostate tests will go on, 10-26-11, The News and Observer

Staff Writer Jay Price reports on the confusion created by a new recommendation on screening for prostate cancer.

Duke Med Center gets $25M grant, 10-26-11, Triangle Business Journal

Staff Writer Jason deBruyn reports that researchers at Duke University Medical Center will use a $25 million grant to study the genetic basis of human epilepsy.


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