In the News This Week…

Federal money waits to be used by N.C., 11-11-11, The News and Observer

Staff Writer Lynn Bonner reports on the status of federal money that is earmarked for the state’s health benefit exchange.

Diagnosticians run higher malpractice risk, 11-3-11, United Press International

UPI story reports that research shows diagnostic physicians may be at higher malpractice risk due to communication failures among doctors.

A doctor’s vision for Medicare, 11-7-11, The News and Observer/MCT Information Services

An op-ed by H. Gilbert Welch, MD, professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. It originally ran in the Los Angeles Times.

Test for Hospital Budgets: Are the Patients Pleased?, 11-7-11, The New York Times

Writer Jordan Rau reports on the Medicare program’s new effort to take patient satisfaction into account when reimbursing hospitals.

Unreliable cord blood banks could endanger kids, 11-09-11, CBS News

Investigative reporter Ginger Allen reports that some blood banks that store a child’s cord blood have proven unreliable.

Work injuries low in North Carolina, 11-10-11, The News and Observer

Staff Writer John Murawski reports that the state’s workplace injury rate fell to a record low in 2010.


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