Leadership College Class of 2013 Begins its Year of Leadership Training

Taught by Leadership College alumni, Gerri Mattson, MD and Genie Komives, MD, scholars reviewed their personal Myers Briggs Type Indicator results and participated in small groups using role play and feedback to emphasize the fact that effective leaders consider the various ways people perceive information and make decisions. Scenarios used in this presentation related to relevant topics such as Medicaid expansion, ACOs and merits of various practice settings. Dr. Komives also is  co-chair of the Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership.

The scholars also heard from B. Davis Horne, JD and Samuel G. Thompson, JD, both partners with Smith Anderson law firm about the importance of developing relationships and specific techniques for effective communication to build lasting relationships.

“What impressed me about this presentation, is the fact that it was both informative and entertaining and provided the scholars with relevant communications skills that can be used on a daily basis,” said Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership co-chair, Philip Brown, MD.

Amy Whited, Director, Health Policy, presented Legislative Advocacy 101, which outlined the Society’s legislative priorities and how scholars can most effectively engage in the political process. Will Barnett, Assistant Director, Legislative and Political Action, helped scholars better understand the importance of political action committees and the role they ultimately plan in shaping health policy. Will asked all to consider joining the NCMS PAC.  

The day ended focusing on each scholar’s project. The project allows scholars to put learning into action by focusing on a healthcare issue relevant to their practice and/or community that will be implemented during the Leadership College year. Projects range in topic from developing a smart phone app to developing patient satisfaction tools. Detailed listing of scholars and their projects.


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