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Rapidly Expanding Leadership Opportunities for NCMS Members

The North Carolina Medical Society Foundation (NCMSF) leadership development programs are growing rapidly, a testament to the desire of individuals in the health care community to develop their leadership skills in order to help drive the changes taking place in the medical profession.

The Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership (KIPL) now encompasses three tracks – the seminal Leadership College, which boasts an alumni network of over 250, Clinical Quality or CQ’U,’ which is in its second year and now the pilot program of the Health Care Leadership and Management track or HLCM is underway. In addition, customized programs are available. Currently, the University of North Carolina Physicians Network has a specially tailored leadership program through KIPL for 27 of their physicians.

The KIPL Advisory Committee, co-chaired by Philip M. Brown, Jr., MD, and Genie M. Komives, MD, oversees the total Leadership Development Program. The Leadership College track is co-chaired by Gerri Mattson, MD, and Robert Fields, MD; Holly Biola, MD, chairs CQ’U’ and the HLCM program is chaired by Dev Sangvai, MD.

The 2016 Leadership College scholars were just inducted at the NCMS Annual Meeting in October and have begun their year-long training. The HLCM program has held its second session to rave reviews from the inaugural class of participants. CQ’U’ is winding up its 2015 program. Applications for the 2016 CQ’U’ class are being accepted until February for the 2016 session, which begins in the spring.

Visit the KIPL website to learn more about each of these programs and which would be right for you.

Leadership College Alumni Newsletter Debuts

The alumni roster for the NCMSF Leadership College continues to grow with more than 250 health care leaders across North Carolina who can add ‘NCMSF Leadership College graduate’ to their resume. To help keep this alumni network strong, the first issue of the KIPL Chronicle appeared in mailboxes last month. The biannual publication contains alumni profiles alumni, a listing of the incoming class of scholars as well as the most recent graduates and other news and events.

LinkedIn — Especially for Health Care Professionals

If you are a KIPL alumnus or are currently enrolled in one of the KIPL tracks, a special online tutorial on the LinkedIn professional networking site is available to you at no charge.

LinkedIn is the top platform for business professionals to engage and share knowledge. As health care professionals, connecting via LinkedIn is an effective way to establish thought leadership, build your professional reputation or engage with allied professionals. This online course “LinkedIn for Health Care Professionals” walks you through the major elements of a LinkedIn profile and how to optimize your profile for success. The course, taught by Janet M. Kennedy, the host of the “Get Social Health” podcast, is divided into eight modules with short videos and downloadable content.

Refer to your KIPL Chronicle if you’re an alumnus or contact Erin Grover to find out how to access this informative and valuable course.


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