Learn About the Open Payments Dispute Process on National Provider Call Tuesday, 7/22

On July 22, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will host a National Provider Call during which CMS experts will give a brief introduction to Open Payments and provide an overview of the registration and review and dispute process.

Open Payments, formerly known as the Sunshine Act, requires drug and device manufactures to report any gifts or transfers of value to physicians. This information will be made public on the Open Payments website this fall. Starting on July 14, physicians registered on the Open Payments Enterprise Portal are able to review what has been reported and make any revisions within 45 days.

The information provided on the National Provider Call will be followed by a question and answer session – responses for questions submitted prior to the call – and a live session for participants on the call.


  • Brief Open Payments overview
  • Recap of registration process in the CMS Enterprise Portal
  • Provide instructions on how to register in the Open Payments system and participate in the review and dispute process
  • Answers to submitted questions
  • Live Q&A session

Target Audience: Physicians, teaching hospitals, professional organizations, physician staff and other interested parties.

Click here to register for the call or visit the Events web page on the Open Payments website. Space may be limited, so register early.


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