Legislative Summary Highlights Major Accomplishments in 2011

There’s no question that enactment of Senate Bill 33—Medical Liability Reforms was the biggest achievement of the 2011 legislative session. However, SB 33 was one of 88 bills that were tracked by the NCMS legislative team because of their potential impact on physicians and patients in North Carolina.

The NCMS Legislative Summary, now in its final stages, will offer a comprehensive review of the work done on behalf of physicians this year. One of the sections will highlight legislation involving the Regulation of Medicine, a compilation of twelve bills of importance to doctors:

SB 31 – Clarify Penalty Unauthorized Practice of Medicine

HB 854 – Abortion – A Woman’s Right to Know Act

SB 609 – Facilitate Locum Tenens Physicians

HB 347 – Notification to Treat Minors/12 or Younger

SB 349 – Confidentiality/Investigative Info/Optometry

SB 190 – Allow Electronic Signatures on Death Certificates

HB 331 – Allow PAs and NPs to Sign Death Certificates

SB 718 – Prescription Integrity Act

SB 357 – DNR Form Signatures

SB 743 – Encourage Volunteer Health Care Providers

SB 765 – No Firearms Questions During Medical Exam

HB 795 – Patient Access to Pathological Materials

Be watching for more details about the 2011 Legislative Summary and how you can access this valuable resource from NCMS.


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