Legislative Update: It’s Time To Show Up!

The NCMS has set forth an ambitious legislative agenda this year.  While the goal of meaningful liability reform has been at the forefront of our thoughts for more than a decade, it has come down to this year and this group of legislators to see that goal accomplished.  We continue to fight to ensure that Medicaid patients have access to their medical homes and to the specialty services that they deserve.  We are working hard to ensure that your voice is heard on these and dozens of additional issues.

We cannot do this without you. We know the valuable service that you are providing to your patients back home.  There is an equally valuable service that you can provide to them by making a visit to Raleigh this year. Legislators need your voice, your presence and your support to accomplish the ambitious goals outlined above.  While we enjoy bipartisan support on many of the issues most important to you, that support will only continue through the regular communication of compelling evidence.  You are the best constituent to deliver that message.

You’ve heard it before, but it cannot be said enough.  We need you to join us for at least one day in Raleigh this year.  The House Select Committee on Tort Reform will be meeting every Thursday beginning next week.  This committee is charged with making a recommendation to the greater House about how we should address the liability burdens that you have carried for decades.  Our White Coat Wednesday Program continues every Wednesday through the end of session.  All you have to do is show up at 8am on Wednesday morning and we will feed you, prep you with talking points, and guide you through the events of the day.

For now, pick a day in the next 5 weeks and mark your calendar so that you can be a part of making meaningful changes for your profession and ultimately for your patients.  You can contact Chip Baggett, Director of Legislative Relations at [email protected] for more information or assistance scheduling your visit.

Here is brief update on bill activity this week:


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