Legislators Grapple with State Health Plan Legislation

Last week, Governor Perdue vetoed SB  265 – State Health Plan/Appropriations and Transfer, Apodaca (R-Henderson). The bill would transfer the State Employee Health Plan to the State Treasurer’s office and attempts to close the estimated $515 million budget gap in the plan by placing premiums on both health insurance plans available to teachers and other state employees.   

The Governor’s veto of SB 265 was overridden by the Senate the very next day, while the House proposed changes that would impose a premium on only one of the two health insurance plans available, leaving teachers and other state employees an option to choose a plan with or without a premium.

This week the Senate rejected the House proposal and the measure was sent into a conference committee for negotiation. As of Thursday afternoon, the Legislature had yet to reach an agreement on this bill with open enrollment for the plan quickly approaching.

Other legislation that saw movement at the Legislature this week, includes:

Wednesday marked the bill filing deadline for the Senate; the House deadline was earlier this month. Next week’s Bulletin will feature a more comprehensive list of legislation to watch.


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