Legislators Work Toward Agreement on Final Budget FY 2010-11

Medicaid Budget: With both the Senate and House budget proposals in place, the General Assembly has begun the process of reaching an agreement on the final budget for 2010-11. Conferees working on the Health and Human Services Budget have recognized that both versions of the budget include an $18.6 million unauthorized reduction in Medicaid payments to physicians and other health care providers. When you include the federal government’s share (i.e., they match every state dollar with 3 federal dollars), this will mean a $74.4 million reduction in payments. The NCMS is working with other physician and medical provider groups to make sure the final budget bill does not include this cut. Click here to contact your House and Senate members today and ask them to make sure this hidden cut is not in the final budget conference report.

Civil Justice Changes: The NCMS has been working within a coalition of business community representatives to address concerns with a proposal made by the NC Advocates for Justice (i.e., the plaintiffs’ bar) to implement a comparative fault system in North Carolina. Comparative fault systems permit plaintiffs to recover from others even if they are partially responsible for their own injury. The legislation passed the House in 2009, and was then referred to a subcommittee in the Senate for study. The most recent proposal from the subcommittee contains several provisions that are unacceptable to the coalition. The coalition will propose changes that are reasonably aimed at addressing its genuine concerns, and that ensure a balanced civil justice system for North Carolina. The NCMS will continue to advocate for a balanced proposal that addresses the concerns of the medical profession.


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