Managed Care Settlement Successes Result in Billions for Physicians

The Physician Advocacy Institute (PAI) this week released updated documents showing the successes that have been achieved in helping physicians in settlement agreements with managed care companies.  The NCMS has been a major advocate among state medical societies in pursuing settlement agreements on behalf of physicians. A summary document revealed that physicians have received more than $2 billion from the settlement agreements reached with Aetna, CIGNA, Health Net, Humana, Anthem/WellPoint, and many Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans as a result of class action lawsuits brought against the insurers by 19 state and county medical associations and physician representatives. The document also reveals that hundreds of physicians and several signatory medical societies, including NCMS, have filed compliance disputes to ensure that insurers hold to their agreements.

CLICK HERE  to read the PAI Summary of settlement agreement benefits.

CLICK HERE  to read the PAI state-by-state successes. North Carolina is among the nine states included in the document that details benefits physicians have received as a result of the settlement agreements and enforcement of compliance.  NCMS EVP, CEO Robert W. Seligson is President of PAI and a member of the PAI Board.


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