March in Medicine: NC Medical Student Information, Physician Calendars

The NCMS membership often tells us that they find themselves “in the dark” as to what goes on outside the hospital walls or the practice front door.  As most doctors can attest, the day-to-day bubble is all-consuming, often leaving doctors (and therefore their patients), unaware of opportunities for education and advancement.

Such being the case, we’ve taken a quick snapshot below of events and classes for NC medical students and medical professionals across the month of March.  Our advice is only as good as the feedback from docs on the ground, so if you or any of your patients attend one of these events across the month, drop us a line and let us know how it goes so we can share that insight with the entire community.  (Plus, we’d love to hear your stories.)

As always, the Triangle-area is a hotbed of activity across March, with a number of events at Duke and UNC, WakeMed:

Duke University Medical School, Calendar of Events
–  March 17, 4-5pm.  Bryan Research Building, Room 10. Jim Evans, UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Genetics. “Genomic Analysis in Clinical Medicine:  Too much information or not enough?”

UNC School of Medicine, Calendar of Events
–  March 5, 11am-12pm.  Pagano Conference Room, LCCC. Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome (HPS)

Wake Medical Center, Calendar of Events
–  March 25, 9:30am-12pm. Breastfeeding II – Working Without Weaning.  WakeMed Cary Hospital – Conference Center

Likewise in the eastern part of the state:

ECU’s Brody School of Medicine, Calendar of Events
–  March 15, 12pm-1pm. Student Speaker: Kaitlin Morrison (Brody 2E-100)

In Charlotte, and Asheville:

Presbyterian Hospital (Charlotte)
–  March 8, 7pm-9pm. Advanced Techniques: Mind Body Techniques to Enhance Healing.  Buddy Kemp Caring House.

Mission Hospital (Asheville)
–  March 10. Lab Day.  Wellness Resource Center at the Reuter Family YMCA.

And listed on the North Carolina Medical Society’s website, featuring events across the state:

NCMS Calendar of Events
–  March 12. Western North Carolina Colorectal Cancer Evidence Academy: “From Prevention to Treatment”
–  March 17. New Hanover – Pender County Medical Society Spring Social
–  March 19 through March 20. 5th North Carolina Pediatric Emergency Medicine Conference
–  March 19 through March 20. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Conference 2010
–  March 20. The Deadliest Disease in America
–  March 31. Medicare Learning Workshop: Concord


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