Medicaid Continues Massive Recredentialing Effort, Notifies Hundreds of NC Physicians This Week

NC Medicaid is notifying hundreds of physicians and practices this week via email or U.S. mail that they must recredential to remain participating providers with Medicaid. Physicians and practices will have 30 days to complete and submit a web-based application through NCTracks, located here. Medicaid’s enrollment and credentialing vendor, CSC, is handling the project.

This is the third and largest wave of recredentialing notices sent so far this year and was originally prompted by recent changes in federal law. Those physicians and practices that do not complete their recredentialing applications by the deadline will have to re-enroll and pay any applicable fees, during which time Medicaid claims will not be paid. 

Questions or individual concerns should be directed to the NCTracks website, or to the CSC EVC Operations Center at 866-844-1113.


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  • Robert Appel, MD

    A number of physicians, myself included, won’t need much of an excuse to leave the M’caid program. If they get heavy-handed with this, the program may be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

  • Jim Stackhouse, MD

    Will be interesting to see how many physicians take advantage of this opportunity to get out of Medicaid without the effort that would have been required to do so otherwise!
    The process of registering at one web site for a security code, then going to another to register is onerous. When I thought about doing it, one server was down. Then learned that I would be charged $100 for the privilege of spending that time, and taking deep discounts for my services. I decided now was the time for my practice to escape.