Medicaid Provider Agreement Deadline Postponed

NCMS and other provider representatives recently met with officials from the NC Division of Medical Assistance to discuss concerns about the new Mediciad provider agreement. TheĀ agreement has been sent to all NC physicians and many other classes of providers. In response to these concerns, DMA has issued the following statement, which be viewed at

In the meantime, NCMS and others will be engaged in a dialogue with DMA to address concerns about the agreement. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Keene atĀ [email protected].

Here is the text of the DMA announcement:


On behalf of DMA, CSC is currently carrying out a 12-month process to verify provider information and conduct credentialing activities for enrolled Medicaid providers. Because of ongoing discussions with provider associations related to the Medicaid Provider Participation Agreement, DMA has agreed to extend the time allotted for providers to return the required information to CSC. Providers should return the packet materials (except as discussed below with respect to the Participation Agreement) within 60 days from the date of receipt of the verification packet or December 31, 2009, whichever is later. A provider who has not received a verification package or who has questions about completing the enrollment forms within the package should contact CSC (1-866-844-1113) directly.

DMA and the N.C. Attorney General’s Office are currently reviewing and evaluating provider comments on the Medicaid Provider Participation Agreement that is part of the verification package. Please hold that Agreement and do not return it with the rest of your package until further notice from N.C. Medicaid. If changes are made to that Agreement, a revised Agreement will be sent to all providers, including those who have already turned in their Agreement. If no changes are made, providers will be advised when the current Agreement is due and sufficient time will be provided for them to return that Agreement to N.C. Medicaid. New providers seeking to enroll in Medicaid for the first time and who have no existing participation Agreement on file should contact CSC (1-866-844-1113) concerning completion of the Agreement.” NC DMA website, visited December 1, 2009.

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1 Comment

  • Nancy Coggins

    This is great news and a good start. I was involved with several other Pediatric Managers around the state writing a letter regarding many concerns surrounding this re-credentialing form.
    Even though we don’t have to send in the Participation agreement. I am still concerned about having to send in business manager, administrator information with SS# on the group form. I do not understand why this is needed.
    Thank you for everything the Medical Society does for Physician Practices.