Medicaid Recredentialing Effort Underway

CSC, the Medicaid vendor responsible for enrollment and credentialing, is notifying physicians and other Medicaid providers that a federally mandated recredentialing process is getting underway. The process includes a check of criminal background, credentials, and qualifications to ensure providers meet NC Medicaid guidelines for participation.

Physicians can complete the recredentialing process entirely online and are required to pay a $100 fee at the time of recredentialing.

Physicians and other providers will receive a Recredentialing Invitation that contains a personal Recredential ID, information about an NCID, and detailed instructions for accessing the online application. This application will be automatically pre-populated with the information that the CSC currently has on file for you. To complete the process, verify the information on file and provide any additional information requested within thirty days of receiving the recredentialing invitation.

Physicians with questions about the recredentialing process can contact the CSC EVC Center at 1-866-844-1113 or by email at [email protected].


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  • Neil DeNunzio, MD

    PECOS is Medicare related. This is Medicaid. So, one does not follow from the other.

    What I find preposterous is that we have to pay $100 to have the “privilege” of seeing Medicaid patients.

  • Manfred S. Rothstein, MD

    What moderation is lacking? Did this query go through or not?????

  • Manfred S. Rothstein, MD

    I am “approved” by PECOS – does this show proof that I am revalidated for Medicare? It is a bit confusing to me.